The Ceiling..Not be Overlooked.

The Ceiling..Not be Overlooked.

  Nowadays, most people tend to overlook the importance of "the ceiling." In addition to preventing heat from entering the house, it also helps to close construction equipment such as water pipes, unsightly wires above the ceiling area to create a more beautiful and pleasant atmosphere. There are many different types of ceilings, each suitable for different spaces. Today, Wealth Tech Construction will introduce you to each type of ceiling. Let's have a look!

T-Bar Ceiling

   เIt is a small ceiling with inverted aluminum structure in T-shape. Used for laying plasterboard sheets. Each channel has a standard size of 60 x 60 centimeters. This type of ceiling is quite popular because it is simple to install, can buy it anywhere, and cheaper than other types of ceiling. If any piece of the ceiling is damaged, each damaged sheet can be replaced right away, no need to replace them all like a plastered ceiling. This type of ceiling is suitable for a small room because if used in a large room, it may cause slack in the fastening wire. When you look at the ceiling, you will see waves. It should not be used in rooms on high-rise buildings with strong wind. When the wind blows very strongly, it may cause the ceiling to come off or cause the wire to loosen.

Plastered Ceiling

   It is a ceiling that uses gypsum board to be trimmed and assembled with a roof structure without a pattern or joints. Since it has been plastered to cover the joints until they are even and smooth, making the ceiling look clean and modern. In general, it is preferable to use sloping gypsum board of 1200 x 2400 mm and thicknesses of 9 mm. for installation with flat plaster frame and hanging kit. This ceiling is suitable for every room in the house. The price is not as high as the decorative ceiling. This type of ceiling is therefore called "Plastered Ceiling" and also designed the shape according to the desired area features such as false ceiling, step ceiling, hidden ceiling lighting, and decorative ceiling.

Decorative Ceiling

    It is a ceiling that is popular to use in decoration, so there is no fixed pattern because the pattern mostly depends on the preferences of the homeowner. This type of ceiling is made with specific materials such as solid wood, lath, glass or even aluminum because it focuses on beauty and may require special treatment after installation. This type of ceiling is suitable for living room or eaves area. Due to having to be careful in design and installation, the decorative ceiling is quite expensive than other types of ceiling. It also depends on the selected material.

    Now you can see how important the ceiling is. Therefore, before installing the ceiling to your home, you should pay attention to the actual usage and budget. If the ceiling is damaged, it may need to be dismantled and installed again which will waste your time and you also have to pay for additional expenses.