10 Ways With a Clogged Pipe

10 Ways With a Clogged Pipe

  The word "Clogged Pipe" would be a problem that frustrates people in the house quite a bit. Whether it is unable to flush the toilet, or the water is overflowing. These problems, if not solved quickly, can accumulate germs and cause odors. It is usually caused mainly from the accumulation of dirt and debris together to form clots that clog the pathway until the water cannot drain well. Today, we have 10 easy ways to solve problems that you do not need to call a technician anymore.

How to solve the problems

1. Plunger : Using a plunger is a basic method that many people do. You have to cover the plunger to the pipe and cover the wet cloth around the plunger. Then, pump up and down about 6-10 times to pull out the clogged up in the pipe.
2. Hot Water : Pour 10-12 cups of hot water into a bucket, then pour it into the drain. Leave it for 2-3 minutes to wait for the hot water to dissolve the fat that adheres to the sewer wall. Then rinse with clean water again. This method is recommended for use on a drain hose that is not very clogged.
3. Hanger : If you see debris clogged in the drain, take the hanger and loosen it into a long wire, bend the end up slightly to make the hook head, then take the wire on the side with the hook down in the sewer to collect debris that clog the pipe up.
4. Vinegar and Baking Soda : Pour ½ cup of baking soda into the pipe. Then pour ½ cup vinegar after that and leave it for a while. Then pour hot water into the pipe again.
5. Change The Drain Grate : This is perhaps the easiest way to prevent a clogged pipe. The replaced grate should have more frequent drain holes to prevent dirt from entering which is the main reason for clogging the drain pipe, the water does not drain properly or drains slowly.

6. Dish Soap : Pour ¼ cup of dish soap into a tube, followed by boiling water. The dish soap will work the grease out of the tube, but it would work best to wear rubber gloves and pull out the debris. That will help solve the problem of clogged pipes as well.
7. Caustic Soda : Used to solve the problem of clogged toilet only. Mix caustic soda with cold water. Then, use a spatula to blend it together. When the fizz and the steam is hot, pour it into the toilet bowl and leave it for 20-30 minutes, then pour boiling water over it. Caustic soda is highly corrosive, helping to eliminate obstructions inside and caustic soda should be used with caution by wearing protective equipment including gloves, nose masks and goggles.
8. Remove The Water Pipe and Clean It : If the drain hose is seriously clogged, we recommend to remove the water pipe for cleaning. Turn off the water valve and put the tray under the water pipe below, and slowly remove the water pipe connecting the sink and the wall one section at a time. Then use a toothbrush to scrub to clean all blockages, then remove the water stopper at the drainage pipe to clean and connect the pipes back to as it were before.
9. Use a Specially Household Cleaners to Eliminate Clogged Pipes : In order to avoid corrosion of the sewer pipes, this method is simple, easy and efficiency. Typically, the solution is 300 ml per time, then leave it for 30 minutes and then pour clean water down the pipe. If there is a large blockage, it is recommended to pour warm water into the pipe, then pour the clogging cleaner, leaving it for 1 day and pour clean water accordingly.
10. Toilet Auger : Put the toilet auger into the pipe and turn it around to trap the dirt that is clogged inside the pipe to come out.

    Clogged pipes can happen to every household, and if you don't do anything, it will have a big impact on your home's plumbing system. Therefore, when encountering a clogged pipe, do not forget to try out the 10 methods that we recommend.