6 Types of Roofs

6 Types of Roofs

   When it comes to building a house, one of the things that worries many people is the choice of a roof. In addition to providing sun protection and rain protection for the house, the roof is also remarkable and indicates the tastes of the people within the house as well. Each type of roof has its own differences. Today, we will present you for all types of roofs you should know.

1. Flat Slab

   They are parallel to the ground or on the same plane as the floor, with a slight slope to either side and drainage holes to reduce flooding. It is commonly used in modern style houses because of its simplicity and modernity. The roof will emphasize the uniqueness of the house in particular.
Pros : It is easy to construct. The roof area can be utilized as a roof garden or living garden.
Cons : The roof receives heat all day, making the house hotter than usual. Drainage is also poor, it can leak easily.

2. Lean To
   It has a long, triangular pediment throughout the building. The middle ridge is raised. There are two sides facing the wind and the slope side, which the slope angle of both sides can be equal or not equal. When viewed from a distance, a triangular roof can be seen. Suitable for building a house in a tropical climate like Thailand.
Pros : The roof can be sunproof and rainproof. The ventilation is better than other types of roofs.
Cons : If facing the gable in the wrong direction, it may cause the rain to get into the house.

3. Gable Roof
   It is a roof that is sloped to one side to allow rainwater drainage. It is most commonly used in conjunction with metal sheet roofing materials. Suitable for homes that are not very large.
Pros : It is easy, quick and economical construction.
Cons : Heat protection is not very good

4. Butterfly
   This type of roof consists of 2 sheds that face the lower side to collide. In the middle is the slope. This is a very rare roof, as the low sides that face the collision are prone to waterlogging and leaking, making it less popular.
Pros : It is modern and has a distinctive character.
Cons : There may be water stagnation because the drainage is not very good.

5. Hip Roof
   It is a roof that has a shape similar to the gable shape, but differs in that the hipped roof has 4 sloping sides and often has an overhang over the house. Helps to protect from the sun and rain, which is very popular nowadays.
Pros : It is durable and suitable for a variety of home styles.
Cons : Leakage of water can occur if the technician is not skilled enough. It has a relatively high price as more materials are used. The preparation is more complex than other types of roof.

6. Modern & Contemporary
   This type of roof is not fixed, independent and can be designed without restrictions. Most of them focus on aesthetics and special functions of the designer, thus creating unusual shapes.
Pros : It is beautiful and unique.
Cons : Roofing materials are rare because most of them are imported. The roof has an unusual shape. If the technician is not skilled enough, it will damage the roof.